Sunday, September 20, 2015

Unity in Diversity

Gosh.. It has indeed been quite a while since my last post in May 2015.. ! So many things have happened and actually I had meant to write on so many things.. Alas... reality is that I have not..

Unity in Diversity - this tagline keep on ringing in my head especially with the yellow and reds bruhahaha lately .. For me Unity in Diversity is very much alive and present in my own family.

Unity in Diversity requires each person respecting the other as an individual., regardless of each's interest, expertise and passion. It recognizes the strength in complementing each other, drawing the best in each and every person.

Why do I say that diversity is present in my own family ?

Case no. 1 : My first-born. An outdoor enthusiast and a passion for conservation ans sustainability.

She did her Diploma in Sports Science, Degree in Sports Science - Outdoor Recreation. She has worked for 3 years in an outdoor adventure company. She is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Outdoor Environment and Sustainability Education in Edinburgh Scotland.

Case 2 : My second-born. True to her name which means the 'active one', she walked at 8 months old and is totally passionate in sports. Hockey is her game amongst other team sports like basketball, floorball, and others

She did her Diploma in Sports Science, Degree in Sports Science. She worked for about a year at a leading trampoline park where she is was one of the pioneer jump referee. She is now a  Physical Ed teacher at an international school and sometimes leads jump aerobics classes due to great demand from her clients.


Case 3 : My third and youngest. From small she is always singing and could memorize the Disney songs..! She loves to draw and creative in making crafts like bracelets, bookmarks, friendship bands and the likes. In school she took the school band from zero to hero. I could clearly see that she has leadership and creative streaks in her.

She is currently pursuing her degree in Professional Design : Advertising. Already gaining some recognition for her creativity, she has completed quite a few projects. From T-shirts, to mural wall in a concept restaurant, to her current passion in makeup and face-painting.


The most frequent question I get asked is 'who is the sportsmen - you or hubby ?' or 'who is the artistic one ? you ?' or I don't remember you being outdoorsy.. is your hubby an outdoor enthusiast ?'

The answer is No, No, and No... well.. not directly.. perhaps some hidden unpolished talent in arts and sports but certainly not reflected in both me and hubby's professions.

Case 4 : The husband and father to the above 3 cases.. He is the 'fish man' and introduces himself as 'saya ternak ikan' - I breed fish.. in short, his background is in Aquaculture.  His other passion is photography.. hmm.. maybe that's where the creative streak in our offspring comes from.

After decades of being in the aquaculture and agriculture sector, he has come a full circle and now enjoys teaching and sharing his knowledge with others.


Case no. 5 : Me..!! The mother to the 3 diverse girls and an 'isteri penternak ikan' wife to the fish farmer..! My background and profession is totally different from the 4 cases above. I studied Computer Science and have been an IT professional all these years. First as an Analyst then into managerial position and now part of the top management team.

In my line of work, I do get to travel a bit for conferences, exhibitions and business meetings. My passion is building teams and nurturing talents into their fullest potential.


So there... Unity in Diversity. I believe it should start at home, at each of our family unit. To recognize each family member's passion, building and encouraging them to pursue their passion, however diverse it may be from your own. Perhaps then it would make Unity in Diversity of a larger scale much easier and successful...

Let us each make a difference and move towards Unity in Diversity !!! 
For Malaysia...!!!

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